Swoopahs are the Guardians of Creativity. Only 555 exist in the world and their home must be protected. They live in Greenwood Forest and speak using a special language called Swoopish. In exchange for helping Swoopahs stay safe, these sky fairies use their magic to inspire the modern renaissance. A place where ideas, art, and community reign supreme. They are small, but mighty. 

Mint price: 0.055 ETH

Meet the Swoopahs

The Art

Swoopahs know the power of creative humans. They know art is an experience you can feel. It can inspire and heal. They share a love for music, culture, games, and the place beyond the pines. 


As the Swoopahs reach notable heights, these sky fairy gifts will be revealed.

Jump chute

100 Swoopahs – UNLOCKED

JUMP laptop stickers go into production

Jump chute

250 Swoopahs

JUMP enamel pins go into production

400 Swoopahs

Workshop: NFT Art for Brands

555 Swoopahs

Workshop: NFT Strategy for Brands


Always Remember, Spread Good Vibes Everywhere You Go

  • Jason

    All Swoopahs sat for portraits and were illustrated by Jason Keath, Artist & Co-founder of Sofresh Labs. Working on his Swoopish. 

  • Nicole

    Ambassador of Empathy. Here to help Swoopahs tell their story. Often podcasting from a Swoopah Circle. Co-founder of Sofresh Labs.

  • Imtalljonathan swoopah

    Crew Captain keeping us properly outfitted, organized, and onboard. Serial dreamer usually on his way to Greenwood Forest (w/ a clipboard).

  • Matty

     Swoopish Language Expert. Working to understand their magic and what we can build together. Wants you to reimagine everything. 

Community Project

Swoopahs are a collection collaboratively built by JUMP Community members. 

Unofficial Collection. 10% of the mint goes to JUMP DAO's education treasury fund. JUMP is a community of creatives and marketers, learning about web3 together.